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Northland Alert – NERCC Notification System

NERCC to use St. Louis County public messaging system to notify residents of escapees

St. Louis County has a public notification system that is capable of Text messages, phone calls and e-mails.  The system has two components for public messaging.  The first method is through a sign-up process through and the second method is through Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

For more information:

IPAWS is a federal program that allows 9-1-1 dispatch to select an area on a map and push messages out to every cell phone that is connected to a tower site within that selected area.   These messages operate similar to an AMBER Alert.  This program is only used for emergency messages such as evacuation or shelter in place orders.

The Northeast Regional Correction Center has agreed to send messages to residents wanting to receive those regarding escapees.  Residents must sign-up through Northland Alert to create an account and select the NERCC subscription (see link below for instructions).  This program is completely voluntary and open to anyone wanting to receive the notifications.

Northland Alert Set Up Instructions

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