Broadband Committee

The Grand Lake Township Broadband Committee has been researching high speed internet services for our area and has asked us to share their findings with our residents. For years, many of us have used DSL connected to a land line to access the net. If service was available, we would often see speeds of 6–8 Mega Bytes down, and .5–.7MB up. This falls well short of the national standard of 25MB down and 3MB up. A newly upgraded option is now available to nearly all addresses on Sunny and Shady Lanes. Savage Com-munications Inc. (SCI) can now provide us with speeds as high as 200MB. Typically a connection of 30MB down and 3MB up, bundled with digital telephone service will cost the same as, or slightly less than, the current land line and DSL service that we now use. There are no contracts required and no instal-lation costs in most cases. If you are a seasonal resident, disconnect at the end of the season is free. Re-connect next season is available for a very reasonable fee. For more information and current pricing, SCI can be reached at 800-222-9809.

If you have interest in joining this community led committee to keep this initiative going please email [email protected].