Grand Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Department Membership

Grand Lake Fire Department needs new members to join our team. We understand that times have changed from years past due to work, school, children, sports, other clubs or organizations, etc. Grand Lake Fire Department wants to continue to provide you with the best fire and emergency services possible. If you have some time and want to give back to the community you live in please contact Grant Gimpel at (218) 349-9022 for more information on joining Grand Lake Fire Department.

Grants Received

Grand Lake Fire Department was recently awarded an Operation Round Up Grant from Lake Country Power. The Grant awarded was for $3000.00 to purchase high visibility jackets for our members to wear when they are on emergency incidents. These will allow the members to be more identifiable to our customers and be more visible when working on or near roadways. We want to thank Lake Country Power and all of the customers who “Round Up” their monthly power bill.

News and Updates


Location: Twig Fire Hall

Business Meeting
7:30 PM on 1st Tuesday of the month

Training Meeting
7:30 PM on 2nd & 3rd Thursdays after 1st Tuesday of the month

Monthly Reports

Run Report – March 1st - May 31st
Routine Medicals: 10 (Difficulty Breathing, Possible Heart Attack, Stroke, Etc.)
Public Assists: 1 (Lift Assists with No Injury)
Fire Responses: 4 (Structure Fires, Vehicle Fires, Power Line Issues, Automatic Fire Alarms, Grass & Brush Fires)
Motor Vehicle Accidents: 7 (Passenger Car, Semi Truck)

Help Us to Help You

Do you feel the need to give back to your community, but you’re not sure how? Or have always had an interest in driving a fire truck, saving lives or protecting a neighbors property? The Grand Lake Fire Department is looking for dedicated individuals to join our fire department. We hope you’ll consider becoming a member of this great organization.

For more information please contact one of the Grand Lake Fire Department members listed on the left for more information or call the station at (218) 729-5902.

Please leave a message if nobody is available to answer.