Twig Town Hall/Community Center

Twig Town Hall/Community Center Rental Rates

Category Resident Non-Resident Damage Deposit
Rummage Sales (See Note 1) $30 / Day N/A $75.00
Wedding Parties - No Alcohol $300.00 $1000.00 $150.00
Wedding Parties - With Alcohol (See Note 2) $400.00 $1250.00 $250.00
Family Gatherings - No Alcohol (See Note 3) No Charge $80.00 $150.00
Family Gatherings _ with Alcohol (See Note 3) No Charges $80.00 $250.00
Community Group Meetings (See Note 4) No Charge


The rental fees and damage deposit apply to the rental of the hall and must be paid to the town at lease 14 days before the event. Checks are payable to "Grand Lake Township" with a separate check for the damage deposit required (no cash Please). Any unused portion of the damage deposit will be returned to the renter within 30- days after the event. If damage deposit is not used, the check will promptly be voided.

Note 1: Fee also applies to setup day. Unsold items are not allowed to be disposed of at site
Note 2: Insurance and licensed/insured security person required
Note 3: For family events such as showers, birthdays, etc. If event goes past 10PM, Wedding Party Fee Schedule will apply
Note 4: Required to submit a Rental Application annually

How to Reserve the Town Hall/Community Center for Your Event